Welcome to Roath Life.

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Our mothership website www.roathlife.com focuses on a Local Business Directory & Community Hub In Roath Cardiff Area. We aim to replicate and add new content here. We will be listing local newsworthy articles soon.



“We are in need of contributors and content writers. We will also consider a partnership to help with the directory and the SEO and maintenance. This may include web developers and digital marketers. We are open to discussion and waiting to hear your ideas”.

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We have listed all places to dine out and are slowly integrating shops and other industries:

You can view all industries here: https://www.roathlife.com/business-directory

Do check each establishment’s Covid-19 Policies by contacting the places you would like to visit first to make sure they are open and how they aim to serve you before venturing out.

Remember to social distance, wash your hand frequently and stay safe.