Our main objective is to get people together and showcase our wonderful District in Cardiff in one place on our website.

As Roatharians we want to show newcomers how beautiful and historic our district is and how people flock in the summer to Roath Park & Lake to bask in the sun, watching the children play and families paddle in the boats on the lake.

Roath is full of culture with a wide range of events going on, on a monthly basis.

We even have our own Concert Venue where various bands come to play from around the world. There is always something to do for everyone.

If you are a sports enthusiast we have recreational grounds hosting sport events.

Our library is in close proximity and you can usually find parking spaces there or on the side streets, watch out for residential parking zones, you don’t want to be caught with a ticket. Its usually quite hard to find parking directly on Albany Road & Wellfied Road, so consider taking a bus which are very frequent usually about every 10 minutes and better for the environment.

We also want to eventually deliver a directory of local businesses, so you can find out all the information you need without searching on the internet. Not everyone is internet savy and with old folk in mind our handy guide will help people discover Roath.

Supporting Local Business.

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