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Jo Stevens

Joanna Meriel Stevens is a Member of Parliment, Elected in May 2015 General Election For Cardiff Central and is a Politician for the Welsh Labour Party in the UK House of Commons.

Cardiff City Council

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Legal Advice
For Legal Advice Visit:

Loosemores Solicitors

Alliance House, 18-19 High St, Cardiff CF10 1PT

Tel: 029 2022 4433


Specialist in: Loosemore Solicitors are a boutique law firm established over 50 years ago. With Offices in Cardiff and in London, the law firm provides a range of legal advisory services to both corporate and individual clients. Our services for corporate clients include advising on corporate, commercial, property, dispute resolution and employment matters. Our services for individuals include residential property, probate, wills and trusts as well as dispute resolution and employment matters.

*Corona-virus (Covid-19) Updates***For the latest updates on the Welsh Government Corona-virus (Covid-19) News, please visit the following link:

***For NHS Updates please follow this link:

***Business Funding:

***Apply For a Coronavirus Testing Kit:

***Workplace guidance. Return to work safely. Guidance for employers in Wales

***Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from coronavirus (COVID-19) | GOV.WALES

***Coronavirus: global crackdown sees a rise in unlicenced medical products related to COVID-19 – GOV.UK

***Government cracks down on spread of false coronavirus information online – GOV.UK

***Tourism and hospitality businesses: guidance for a phased reopening

***NHS test and trace: how it works – GOV.UK

***Check if you can claim for your employees’ wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

***Calculate how much you can claim using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

***Gov Website For Business

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OTHER ROATH COMMUNITY WEBSITES: (link no longer active – was live in 2020 but has since been taken down)

Beware of Coronavirus Scammers

Beware of Coronavirus Scammers

Coronavirus Scammers

In light of what is going on right now in the world with people dying from the Coronavirus Pandemic you would not expect that leeches or bottom feeders as I so rightly name they scammers would not go about trying to scam people especially if they are vulnerable and maybe do not know that you can actually get ‘Coronavirus Tests’ for free.

So here is my story two days ago I get a phone call from this number 01420 358670 the man with a foreign accent knew my name and asked how I was, which is usually how all sales people speak when they are trying to sell you something over the phone. 

I knew it was a call centre as the line always goes quiet before it goes loud.

The man said “do I know that scientists and government officials are predicting a second wave of this virus and what have I got in place to counteract the issue if the second wave happens”.

I immediately tried to stop him in his tracks by saying I have everything covered and under control and that I am not interested in whatever he was trying to sell me. 

As always this is usually how all of the sales people I have ever spoken with and he continued “so what have I got in place” (or if in some instances I say I am not interested the response is “so why are you not interesed”) but never the less this guy was persistant.

I said you have just made an unsolicited phonecall you have not messaged me prior to arrange a call and you want me to discuss what measures I have in place to counteract a second wave. So for the last time I am not interested and guess how he replied when he was not getting anywhere with me “well its your funeraland you will most probably die”. I obviously got upset that he insinuated something that he could not possibly predict but still had to make me feel bad.

So for anyone reading this NEVER buy any kits and go straight on the Gorvernment website to arrange to get one. This is the link:

Stay safe and beware of scammers.

Non Essential Shopping

Phased Plan to make Cardiff a safer place to shop started today 22/06/2020 throughout Cardiff.

You can read the full article from the Governments Website Here:
Do consider the following before venturing out especially if you are disabled or elderly consider the following factors in which there may be longer periods of waiting time to enter these shops with long delays and queue’s.

So if you are disabled and cannot stand for long lengths of time and have trouble walking, as a lot of parking spaces and roads will be closed off, plan your journey carefully in advance.

Shops will be adhering to all reasonable measures to maintain physical distancing duties to include the two meter rule to safeguard their staff and their customers.
Local Shops such as the popular Mens Designer Clothing Retailer ‘7Clothing’ have gone as far as sterilising their premises and merchandise using the company ‘Clean Shield 360’ You can view ‘7Clothing’ Wellfield Road Cardiff video here:

Safety Signage and Limiting Customer Numbers

For customer guidance installed safety signage will be prominent in stores. This will include instruction around social distancing measures, hand sanitisation stations and directional signage to help manage the flow of customers. Some shops may limit the number of customers shopping at any one time. Other factors, such as the way the shop has been laid out and the number of floors, may also play their part a significant factor in safety management.

Staying Local

Staying Local remains in place unless you have a very good reason to go out of your zone unless your reason is for compassioante grounds, like an emergency.

Hairdressers are planned to open in 3 weeks time.
Places of Worship will be able to open soon for private prayer, but large congregation masses will remain restricted for the forseeable future.

Outdoor Activities will be lifted form the 6th July 2020, excluding contact sport and team sports. The restrictions will still stay in place for contact sport activites and team sport activities.

Tourstist Attractions, providing lockdown is lifted, people will able to go out of their local zones to visit popular tourist attractions which will be open to the public in Wales from the 6th July 2020.

Driving Lessons – Driving tests are currently suspended due to coronavirus – but you can apply for an emergency test if you’re a critical worker. More can be here on future planning and guidlines:

For further information on the Coronavirus Regulation Changes (19th June 2020) please follow this link:

Further guidance from the Welsh Government website can be found here:

Hiring Children

Hiring Children

Hiring Children.

Did you know there are implications if you are a local business hiring children aged 13-16 in a paid/voluntary role?

You must adhere to your responsibilities as an employer if you hire children. You are legally required by law to register the young person for a work permit, free of charge & ensure risk assessments are completed:

Hello Roath!

Welcome to Roath Life Directory.

Our website has been launched and is focusing on a Local Business Directory & Community Hub In Roath Cardiff Area.

We have listed all places to dine out and are slowly integrating shops and other industrries:

You can view all industries here:

Do check the establsihments Covid-19 Policies by contacting the places you would like to visit first to make sure they are open and how they aim to serve you before venturing out.

Remember to social distance, wash your hand frequently and stay safe.