At Roath Life we aim to help businesses generate more traffic. We will use our own network of connections and also send emails and make advertising campaigns attract more customers.

What is Marketing

Marketing is a range of strategies that can be in the form of digital marketing and advertising but it can also be in the form of PR and publications such as printed media. Marketing can include also outbound phone calls, email,s, and letter writing, it could also be telesales marketing and networking online or at physical or virtual events.

Marketing is the promotion of brands and businesses for lead generation and to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of communication.

Marketing involves sending out emails, managing social media pages and products, and advertising that includes editorial and digital. Marketing also may include text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel. Primarily, if a marketing agency is involved in digital communication, it essentially is a digital marketing company.

Here at ‘Roath Life’, we use a multi-channel of marketing strategies, from Domain Name Acquisitions, SEO, website design, and marketing both editorial and digital.


If you want your brand to be a household name you need to do extensive marketing and advertising.

Your brand needs to be well known so naming your business after your name unless you are famous and people know who you are they will not be searching for you or your business.

The best way and by far the cheapest way is to introduce your business to people by using exact match searchable keywords and phrases domain names and then adding your brand to the business, not the other way round unless you have deep pockets for advertising that is.

Your brand’s global positioning and search results are a key factor in today’s marketplace and our expert marketers will advise you on the best strategies available to generate sales. We will analyze your brand, create a blueprint, and make sure all the lightbulbs are shining bright.

Digital Marketing

Our team engages in digital real estate methodologies that will increase brand awareness for exact match searchable keywords and phrases using fine-tuned SEO strategies and will attract GEO-targeted leads and sales.


As marketing experts, we have extensive knowledge of SEO trends and we continually research and spend hours on graphs and charts studying markets for each one of our clients and their ROI.

We perform free Audit Reports of your site and give you free advice unlike some of our competitors that charge for the service. We will give a free 30-minute consultation so that you have an action plan to turn your business around.

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