Beware of Coronavirus Scammers

Coronavirus Scammers

In light of what is going on right now in the world with people dying from the Coronavirus Pandemic you would not expect that leeches or bottom feeders as I so rightly name they scammers would not go about trying to scam people especially if they are vulnerable and maybe do not know that you can actually get ‘Coronavirus Tests’ for free.

So here is my story two days ago I get a phone call from this number 01420 358670 the man with a foreign accent knew my name and asked how I was, which is usually how all sales people speak when they are trying to sell you something over the phone. 

I knew it was a call centre as the line always goes quiet before it goes loud.

The man said “do I know that scientists and government officials are predicting a second wave of this virus and what have I got in place to counteract the issue if the second wave happens”.

I immediately tried to stop him in his tracks by saying I have everything covered and under control and that I am not interested in whatever he was trying to sell me. 

As always this is usually how all of the sales people I have ever spoken with and he continued “so what have I got in place” (or if in some instances I say I am not interested the response is “so why are you not interesed”) but never the less this guy was persistant.

I said you have just made an unsolicited phonecall you have not messaged me prior to arrange a call and you want me to discuss what measures I have in place to counteract a second wave. So for the last time I am not interested and guess how he replied when he was not getting anywhere with me “well its your funeraland you will most probably die”. I obviously got upset that he insinuated something that he could not possibly predict but still had to make me feel bad.

So for anyone reading this NEVER buy any kits and go straight on the Gorvernment website to arrange to get one. This is the link:

Stay safe and beware of scammers.