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Jo Stevens

Joanna Meriel Stevens is a Member of Parliment, Elected in May 2015 General Election For Cardiff Central and is a Politician for the Welsh Labour Party in the UK House of Commons.

Cardiff City Council

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Legal Advice
For Legal Advice Visit:

Loosemores Solicitors

Alliance House, 18-19 High St, Cardiff CF10 1PT

Tel: 029 2022 4433


Specialist in: Loosemore Solicitors are a boutique law firm established over 50 years ago. With Offices in Cardiff and in London, the law firm provides a range of legal advisory services to both corporate and individual clients. Our services for corporate clients include advising on corporate, commercial, property, dispute resolution and employment matters. Our services for individuals include residential property, probate, wills and trusts as well as dispute resolution and employment matters.

*Corona-virus (Covid-19) Updates***For the latest updates on the Welsh Government Corona-virus (Covid-19) News, please visit the following link:

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***Business Funding:

***Apply For a Coronavirus Testing Kit:

***Workplace guidance. Return to work safely. Guidance for employers in Wales

***Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from coronavirus (COVID-19) | GOV.WALES

***Coronavirus: global crackdown sees a rise in unlicenced medical products related to COVID-19 – GOV.UK

***Government cracks down on spread of false coronavirus information online – GOV.UK

***Tourism and hospitality businesses: guidance for a phased reopening

***NHS test and trace: how it works – GOV.UK

***Check if you can claim for your employees’ wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

***Calculate how much you can claim using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

***Gov Website For Business

***Gov Website For General Enquiries

OTHER ROATH COMMUNITY WEBSITES: (link no longer active – was live in 2020 but has since been taken down)